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connect mentors

Creating and managing the design, and development of a platform matching mentees with mentors

Managing the launch and the assets associated with the ongoing running of the platform

The platform uses an intelligent algorithm to match employees from progressive organisations with people seeking access, insight and opportunities to inform their career progression or personal development.

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fintech project

Managing the design and development of an operating system to quantify and report on the trading losses of shareholders.

The system receives and converts, then stores substantial volumes of trading data (listed shares), before applying various methodologies to the converted data to calculate losses - all within a secure cloud based environment. Data conversion is a key facility within the system - as data is provided by asset / fund managers in different formats and needs to be converted to a uniform format for calculating losses.

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Strategy, design and development of a pain management application. The elina app turns the recording and management of pain into a positive activity, alleviating the impact for people on their professional and personal lives.

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Development of two separate native apps for iOS and Android phones. The apps allowed users to predict the outcome of different sporting events and compete against their friends for the most correct predictions. Users signed-up using Facebook which resulted in a much faster sign-up process and allowed the player to easily share their successes on their Facebook timeline.

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UX and UI for a native app with a simple interface allowing users to easily scroll through each category and view the latest products.

Aerate enhanced the shopping experience for ASOS customers by synchronising their saved items with what’s on their personal 'hotlist' on the main ASOS site. This update simplified the shoppers user-jouney to make finding items they linked easier and driving a higher volume of retail sales.

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Strategy, design and management of an online platform that enhances employee engagement and efficiency.

Thrive facilitates knowledge sharing within an organisation through an internal mentoring programme and collaboration over 'mission' and project execution.

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Creation of a dash cam application for iOS and Android devices, providing an intuitive alternative to the average dash cam by recording video in cyclic chunks, automatically freeing space from old videos, detecting sudden stops and flagging video chunks as a potential accident, which allows users to protect video chunks from automatic deletion.

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paper clock adventures

Creative and technology behind a game designed for children to learn and practice telling the time.

Beautifully illustrated and animated using a paper cut-out style with peppy background music, Paper Clock Adventures is the perfect app for children to learn in a fun, friendly environment.

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Strategy, creative and technology behind the tipi app - a platform geared towards giving young people the encouragement, opportunity and competitive edge to achieve their future goals.

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A “Concierge for Audi” app to be used on iPad and Android Tablets, for use by Audi sales representatives whilst capturing customer interest in showrooms, during launches and at events.

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backgammon vr

Created by Aerate, Backgammon VR allows you to play Backgammon in a beautiful, immersive Moroccan bar by the sea.

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Creation of a campaign and brand that stands for positivity, encouraging people to "do their thing" when responding to challenges and decision-making. This is in support of their professional and personal development. It's a movement to spread the word as an antidote to scepticism, fear and overthinking.

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